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Panasonic Charger with 4x AA eneloop recharge batteries


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Panasonic Charger with 4x AA eneloop recharge batteries

The microprocessor controlled quick-charger Panasonic is perfectly made
for the demanding user. The plug is molded to the case for direct use into
an A / C wall socket. If you take off the European plug, you will be bootable
to use the US-plug-which is Placed behind it. A very special feature is
the individual charging, Whereas each single cell gets charged on its own.
The charging progress gets checked and ended for each single cell
via Peak-Cut-Control.

     Peak voltage detection: yes
     Timer & Temperature Control: yes
     Dry Cell Charge Protection: yes
     Charging Possibilities: 1, 2, 3 or 4 rechargeable AA / AAA
     Universal Voltage Power Supply: yes
     Input AC 100-240V ~, 50-60Hz, 7W:

Approx. charging time for eneloop AA & AAA

     1 x AA: 75 min, 2 x AA: 110 min, 4 x AA: 220 min
     1 x AAA: 65 min, 2 x AAA: 100 min, 4 x AAA: 200 min


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