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MASTER Senstrol 120A Opto


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Manufacturer: Hacker

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Speed controller MASTER Senstrol 120A Opto



Product description and features

The controllers of the Hacker MASTER Senstrol series are real sinus commutating speed controllers developed and manufactured in Germany. The motor current is controlled sinusoidally in order to achieve an optimal torque-per-ampere ratio in the motor. Sinus commutation offers smoother motor running, less switching losses and therefore less motor warming. The efficiency of the entire drive is increased.

The Hacker MASTER Senstrol speed controllers have been specially developed for the Senstrol versions of our Q80, C50 and C54 motors. The motor status is constantly monitored by the built-in motor identification chip and special sensors in the motor.

Motor/controller synchronisation

In order to guarantee a 100% adaptation of the entire drive, we measure the motors precisely and save the data on the chip built into the motor. It can only be used if the Hacker MASTER Senstrol speed controller is connected to the motor identification chip.

The motor identification chip contains all the data relevant to the motor and provides the necessary motor parameters during operation. This completely eliminates the need to program the motor parameters separately. Many of these data can be adjusted by the pilot himself according to individual requirements, but not beyond the preset limit values. It is therefore no longer possible to overload the motor.

Real sinus speed controller

The Hacker MASTER Senstrol is a real speed controller. Due to the speed mode specially developed for our F3A and aerobatic pilots, the speed of the motor is determined by means of the throttle stick. The speed remains constant for both upward and downward passages. It is no longer necessary to set the "brake". This finally allows the long-desired wish, particularly in F3A aerobatics, to be able to control the braking effect of the motor exactly and at any time.

Of course, the Hacker MASTER Senstrol speed controller is the first choice not only for our F3A customers, but for every pilot who wants to combine maximum performance with maximum efficiency and smoothness.

Different operating modes

In addition to the usual gas channel, a second switching channel can also be used, e.g. with a 2 or 3 step switch. For this purpose, the MASTER Senstol speed controller has a second JR / UNI connection cable to the receiver, so that the MASTER Senstrol can be switched in 3 different operating modes

  • Protection mode is motor off
  • speed mode for F3A / aerobatics
  • Torque mode


Delivery contents

1 speed controller MASTER Senstrol 120A Opto and 1 operating manual.



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