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E-Store 5.8Ghz 15dB CCW polarized beam width 45 deg 27grams


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E-Store  5.8Ghz 15dB CCW polarized
beam width 45 deg 45grams

     Our new series or Helix antennas is specially build with FPV flight in mind.
They are circular polarized (clockwise (CW) Or counterclockwise (CCW)
and this gives you always the best video quality
no matter in what position your aircraft is flying in. (With normal stock antennas
you only have video when flying in an upright position.)

The new Helix antennas come in 8 different configurations.

     8dB CCW polarized beam width: 63 deg <30grams *
    15dB CCW polarized beam width: 45 deg <45gram **
     20dB CCW polarized beam width: 34 deg <60gram ***
     33dB CCW polarized beam width: 18 deg <140gram ****
8dB polarized CW Beam width: 63 deg <30grams *
    15dB polarized CW Beam width: 45 deg <45gram **
     20dB polarized CW Beam width: 34 deg <60gram ***
     33dB polarized CW Beam width: 18 deg <140gram ****

Maximum range between Dome and Helix antenna on TX antenna 25mW *****

 1.03 km*

2.3 km **
4.1 km ***
18.3 km ****
standard stock antennas give you less then 600 meters

Maximum range between Dome and Helix antenna on TX antenna 500mW *****

4.6 km *

10.3 km **
18.3 km ***
81.8 km ****

 ***** Calculated maximum distance, the actual distance will vary on circumstances
Because of pollution, reflections, weather, height and more influences have impact on the range.

      Light enough for use with antenna tracker (like the MyFlyDream tracker)
     Non magnetic (no influence on the tracker digital compass)
     Silver wire and PCB antenna for better reception videos
     Weather resistant (product coated)
     Plane can pitch or roll without loosing video signal
     Wider beam then patch, grid, dish, yagi or other antenna types.
     With legal TX power (The Netherlands) you still can fly up to 18km long range (Range check)
     SMA connector
     Mounting holes 50 x 50mm
     Lightweight design (glass reinforced plastic)

Optional parts:
     Antenna cable male - male
     Mounting plate for two Helix antennas on a MyFlyDream tracker


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