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E-Store 5.8Ghz dome Antenna CCW


Product Code: E-Store 5.8Ghz dome Antenna CCW
Condition: Used

Manufacturer: E-Store

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E-Store 5.8Ghz dome Antenna CCW
(Used couple of times for demo)

we ship the CCW version, these are some of the last stock since
we produce new and better ones now.

We developed the dome antenna specially for those who simply
wants the best video quality.

This unique antenna is the perfect omni directional antenna for FPV use.
We did not have any glitches in our video any more since we use this product.

     aerodynamic dome shape
     Left Hand Circular Polarized
     perfect omnidirectional antenna for FPV
     suitable for long-range flying
     weather resistant
     crash and scratch proof design
     With SMA connector

At this moment only available for 5.8GHz

Weight approx 26gram


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