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3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2


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VTX for BlackBird 2 - 5.8 GHz 200 mWVTX for BlackBird 2 - 5.8 GHz 200 mW€41.28

3D FPV camera "The Blackbird" version 2


BlackBird 2 case - for 3d printers

(list of supported video headsets:)

Side by side 3D:
Fat Shark HDO(2)
Fat Shark Dominator HD
Fat Shark Dominator HD 2
Fat Shark Dominator V3
Carl Zeiss Cinemizer
Sony HMZ
Vuzix Wrap 1200
Vuzix Wrap 920
iTVGoggles Wide View 3D
Oculus Rift DK1
and many others

Interlace 3D:
Prober EVG 920
Head Play
Fat Shark Attitude V3

2 AV 3D video modes:
Skyzone 3D

3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2 is a high-quality and technologically advanced flight stereo camera
for flying from first person view (FPV)!
The camera generates the stereoscopic analog video in real time
using the powerful FPGA chip.
The video, which formed The BlackBird 2 has a clear and vivid picture,
as it incorporates high-quality video sensor of the company Aptina that allows you to get maximum
pleasure from using The BlackBird

The stereo camera The BlackBird 2 is recommended to use as a flight camera on a radio controlled
model quadcopter, cars, aircraft, etc.
Also you can use it in your surveillance system.

Features of The BlackBird 2:
Wireless video transmission in 3D with a single video transmitter (single video channel)
Video 3D SIDE BY SIDE – a very popular 3D video format supported by many devices: 3D video
glasses, 3D TVs, etc. Video 3D SIDE BY SIDE CROP 16:9 – special 3D video format for 3D FPV
headset type Oculus Rift or other hats built on a single display Video 3D SIDE BY SIDE CROP
manual is a manual setting CROP mode 3D INTERLACE video – comfortable 3D video format to
work with third-party OSD modules.  2D video mode -  Dual-channel 3D video mode
- allows you to obtain the best stereo image Plugins

The voltage from 5 to 15 Volts and up to 150 mA consumption

Video in 3D format:
A man looks at the world with two eyes and sees its volume, it allows him to better orient
themselves in space, gives a sense of speed and distance ... When you use a conventional
2D FPV camera is the same as looking at the world with one eye - to see the world flat,
see the world
2D.Using 3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2 You will get new sensations
and emotions of the FPV, you look at the world with two eyes, you will see the world of space -
to see in 3D!

Video modes:
We wanted to make the camera versatile and for this, we have provided poddrezhku all kinds
of video formats: 3D SIDE BY SIDE, 3D SIDE BY SIDE CROP 16: 9, 3D SIDE BY SIDE CROP
manual, 3D INTERLACE, 2D video mode, dual-mode video.
Large Number of supported video
formats enables you to use The BlackBird 2 with almost any hardware, whether it is 3D
TV / monitor, 3D video glasses or stereoshlem for FPV.

Video outputs:
Heading a stereo The BlackBird 2 has three analog video output, from where you
can simultaneously receive the video:

     The first video output is designed for 3D / 2D video signal in the selected format.
     The second video output produces video in 2D with the right video sensor.
     The third video output produces video in 2D from the left video sensor

Install the
camera on the RC quadrocopter, plane, car, tank and other radio-controlled models.

The "Blackbird" not protected from moisture and water models for installing on
You Should protect it from moisture.

It is usefull possible to use in video surveillance system.

The transmission 3D / 2D video on one or two channels:
One video channel - for the reception and transmission of 3D video in 3D SIDE BY SIDE
You can use one standard FPV video transmitter and a video receiver with
a frequency of 900 MHz, 1.2 GHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz

Two video channels - for use with video glasses Sky Zone 3D or with any other device
(eg Transporter3D), which requires two channels of video, you can use two standard FPV video
transmitter and two video receiver with a frequency of 900 MHz, 1.2 GHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.8

We decided to make The BlackBird 2 of the convenient camera and save the user from
thinking where to place the video transmitter ... After all, what could be easier to install a
video transmitter module on the camera itself ?!
For this purpose, the front side of the
chamber is a special connector, to which the displayed video and nutrition.

You can set the camera module video transmitter or IR light,
as you can develop your module and use it as you want it to!

Size, weight and power of the camera:
3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2 has a small weight 21 grams and the size is very convenient -
you can easily install the camera on the copter, glider or a radio-controlled cars!

Feederhouse from 5 to 15 volts, i.e.You can connect the camera 3D FPV The BlackBird 2 to
the onboard Li-Po battery 2S - 3S.

The BlackBird 2 can beconnected to  any device that supports playback of 3D video in
SIDE BY SIDE 3D or 3D INTERLACE, it can but 3D video glasses,
3D TV / monitor, 3D video helmet, etc.

Video sensor
S:  Aptina MT9V136
Sensor technology:   1/4 '' CMOS
Sensor resolution:   680 x 512
Sensitivity:   11.9 In / Lux-sec @ 550 nm
SNR:   45 dB

Mechanical data
Weight:   23 g
Weight camera cable:   '25
Size:   59 mm x 28 mm x 27 mm

Interface connector:
On board DF13-10P-1.25H, on cable DF13-10S-1.25C
Operating temperature:   From -20 ºC to +50 ºC

Focal distance:   2.5 mm
FOV:   110º full frame
Type thread lens:   M12 x 1
IR Filter on the lens:   680 μm (day lens for color camera)
Focus:   Manual

Electrical data:
Voltage:   5V - 15V
Current consumption at 12V:  150 mA
Power consumption at 5V:   2.2 W
Power consumption at 12V:   1.8 W

Video output:
Video format:  NTSC 525/60
Video output:   1 x 3D-CVBS
                           2 x 2D-CVBS
Horizontal resolution

3D and 2D video modes
Side By Side 3D
Side By Side 3D 16: 9 Crop
Side By Side 3D 4: 3 Crop
SBS manual croped
Interlaced 3D (field sequential 3D)
2D modes
Frame rate for each eye
60 Hz
Interaxial distance
42.0 mm
Adjusting the convergence

built-in OSD support (only MAVLINK protocol supported,
but we are working around UAVTalk protocol).


DOWNLOAD BlackBird 2 Assistant!

To connect the BlackBird 2 to the flight controller, you need to use a full cable
(see manual,  paragraph 1.3). Full cable allows you to use all the contacts of
the interface connector BlackBird 2. To use the full cable you will need
a soldering iron.

To connect the BlackBird 2 to the flight controller, connect the GND camera (pin 2) to the
GND flight controller. Connect MAVLINK_RX (3 pin) to the TX flight controller. To connect
to the video transmitter to use the GND(pin 7) and 2D/3D video output (9 pin).
To connect to the battery used GND (pin 5) and VCC (6 pin). 

When you update the firmware on the camera, there will be a 7 item
menu - setting convergence OSD.

P.S. Before you connect the BlackBird 2 to a PC to update the firmware,

read the USER MANUAL

If after updating the firmware on the camera no glow LEDs , not to worry,
start the flashing process again.


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