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FOX / Partom 0.9Ghz - 1.2Ghz -1.3Ghz Wireless AV Receiver


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Manufacturer: Partom

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FOX 0.9Ghz - 1.2Ghz -1.3Ghz Wireless AV Receiver

Digital display, receive sensitive, many working channels, convenience,
credigility, suit for wireless surveillance projects.

channel 0 - 3          = 0.9Ghz
channel 4 - 7          = 1.2Ghz
channel 8, 9, H, C = 1.3Ghz

select your antenna from the dropdown box!
(1 antenna is calibrated for 0.9Ghz,
the other for 1.2Ghz and 1.3Ghz)

Working Voltage:     DC 12V
Weight:    136g
Dimension(L*W*H) :    110*60*20mm
Figure Color:    silver
Package:    Rx1 antenna RCA cables
Operation Temperature:     -10c / +50c



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