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Gaui 330X-S 210001 Quad Flyer


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Manufacturer: Gaui

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Gaui 330X-S 210001 Quad Flyer


The Gaui 330X-S quad flyer is an all-new UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) design that
uses a quad rotor configuration for extremely stable flight characteristics.
As well as offering a different flying experience to conventional RC helicopters,
it has been designed as a perfect platform for aerial photography

UAVs are regularly used for commercial aerial photography. Now developments
in compact digital video and still cameras mean that even those with modest budgets
can obtain stunning aerial pictures and video. Attach your camera to the 330X-S and start
creating images, or recording footage from a completely new vantage point.

The stability of the 330XS is acheived by the configuration of two pairs of rotor blades
spinning in opposite directions, cancelling out any rotational torque, allowing the aircraft to
maintain straight and level flight. This not only makes the 330XS easier to fly than a standard
RC helicopter, it also increases power efficiency and flight times.

The usual high quality Gaui design and component finish are apparent
throughout this kit. The high strength carbon fibre frame is impact resistant,
the rotor blades and other components can be removed and repaired
or replaced easily.

The Gaui 330X S-Type version was designed based on Gaui's research and
development  in their UAV Department. The new S-Version has the following
improvements compared to the older 330X normal version:

1. Increase in the current capacity (7A → 10A) which increases the ability of transient response.
2.The upgrade of the program of ESC to make it more designed for the multi-rotor model.
3.The control frequency of ESC up to 400Hz or more.
4. New Scorpion motor which provides the power to the rotors to response very fast,
which results in more stable flight.

330X-S was designed based on UAV , which emphasizes the advantages are:

Flight Efficiency: Standard Battery (2S2000mAh) time of flight for more than 12min,
with a high-capacity battery, the flight time will be more than 20 min or more
(available spreadsheet calculation)

Excellent wind resistance: the efficiency and load of propeller are perfectly optimized,
so the wind resistance will be better than general electric aircraft

High stability: contains GU344 (three-axis stabilizing system) for the beginner or the FPV flying,
it is a very stable Vehicle

Additional payload capabilities: payload up to 700g (including battery),
can freely install cameras and video recorder, and other general system

System Extensibility: can be used with GPS positioning system and navigation system on 330X-S
without any change

Operation mode and flight characteristics are same as helicopter, but no complex transmission

Collapsible body design, greatly reduce the damage rate, Which can be repaired easily
without adjustment.

Gaui330X-SQuadFlyer comes as a kit:




Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Very nice Quad Flyer

I have this 300X S for just over a month now, and about 10 hours of flight! The quad is relatively small, and can be flown indoor and outdoor. It did not take long to get it under control and having it to move in the desired direction. The GU-344, a 3 Axis Gyro System, gives you a good control over the quad, and it is very responsive, and in the beginning the values of the transmitter were changed not to allow the full 100% for the controls, except for the rudder. With moderate or no wind, it is really fun flying outdoor, and as said before, very responsive. The vertical acceleration is great, in no time the quad can be at a height of 30-40 meters, then orange ball is really handy to see which part is back and which is front. In contrast with the manual, the orange ball is mounted on the back side, I think it is better for when a camera is mounted, it does not disturb the view. With some of the outdoor flights it was pretty windy, and even then it was possible to fly the 300X S smoothly. Of course hovering and landing required some skill, but was still possible to perform smooth landings. And being a beginner, there were of course some crashes and the quad ended a few times upside down, on the concrete and in the grass. Amazingly enough, there was no damage except for a broken rotor (it is highly recommended to buy a few spare rotors from the beginning). Of course the Protection frame contributed to that, by preventing the rotors to come in direct contact with hard objects :). In the current configuration (300X S, Protection Frame and wide Landing skid) with a 4300 mah it is possible to fly a little over 20 minutes, which is more than enough, as you have to be concentrated all the time. The configuration out of the box is worth 4 stars, although it flies nicely, and is responsive and all the above, it would have been nicer to have a flight stabilizer FY90Q (Feiyu Tech FY-90Q - QUAD Gyro Stabilizer system) or the FY91Q (Feiyu Tech FY-91Q complete Navigation system) but then of course, it would have been a little more expensive. Today I would buy the 300X S kit without the GU344, Gaui 330 Quad Flyer (w/o GU-344) and buy a FY90Q or a FY91Q.

John FESTJENS :: Nov 01 2011, 16:10 PM

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