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GAUI 500X Quad Flyer Upgrade Kit (Not including Motors, ESCs, GU-344, storage bag)


Product Code: GAUI500XQuadFlyerUpgradeKitNotincludingMotorsESCsGU-344stora
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Manufacturer: Gaui

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500X Quad Flyer Upgrade Kit (Not including Motors, ESCs, GU-344, storage bag)


500X was designed based on UAV, advantages are:

1. Flight Efficiency: Standard Battery (2S2000mAh) time of flight for more than 12min, with a high-capacity battery,
the flight time will be 20 min or more (available spreadsheet calculation)

2. Excellent wind resistance: the efficiency and load of propeller are perfectly optimized,
so the wind resistance will be better than general electric aircraft

3. High stability: When using GU-344 (three-axis stabilizing system) for the beginner or professional in
combination with other electronics for FPV flying; making the GAUI Quad Flyer a very stable vehicle

4. Additional payload capabilities: Maximum Flying Weight is between 1100g to 2200g depending on power
system used (330X GAUI Motors/ESCs or 500X GAUI Motors/ESCs),
you can install cameras and video recorder, and other system.

5. Operation mode and flight characteristics are similar to helicopter, but no complex transmission

6. Collapsible body design, greatly reduce the damage rate, which can be repaired easily.

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