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Q150 4M


Product Code: 10107589
Condition: New

Manufacturer: Hacker

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MasterSPIN 220 Pro OPTOMasterSPIN 220 Pro OPTO€409.09

Q150-4M Brushless motor

With the Q150-M we now bring a motor from our industrial department into the rc market.
The innovative design and the efficient motorGeometry guarantee the enormous
power and the outstanding performance.

This high-end motor is completely hand-made and constantly
Runs through the most exact quality controls. "Made in Germany" and
industry quality standards for the highest demands and quality.

The new Propad Adapter with 34mm bolt circle and 6 x M5 screws
transmits the high torque of the Q150 perfectly to the Prop.

Powerrange: max. 12000W (15 sec.)
Idle current 15V: 6.78A
Resistance: 0.004 Ohm
Kv: 125
Weight ~: 2400g
Diameter: 150 mm
Lenght: 80 mm (Backmount> Prop)
Pole: 28
Recommend ESC: MasterSpin 220 OPTO
Recommend Timing: 25 °


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