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Beholder 2 axis brushless GoPro gimbal RTG (AlexMos)


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Beholder brushless 2 axis GoPro gimbal RTG by Team Rebel Design


Beholder brushless GoPro gimbal RTG by Team Rebel Design

This is the Ready To Go kit. ( note: camera is not included)
All you need is to assemble the gimbal, plug in a 3s battery, put on your GoPro Hero 3 camera.
-The frame is made of high quality CNC metal parts, carbon booms and carbon fiber frames which are super light and strong.
-Fully adjustable mechanism design which allow perfect balance adjustment to get the best of the best performance.
-Comes with two special and well tested high quality Brushless Gimbal Motors which are designed for GoPro cameras.

- Included in the package is a GoPro 3 Live out cable & receiver pan/tilt cable!

- Total weight: 198gr (Gimbal+controller+dampener)




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