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bungee launch Pull cage


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bungee launch pull cage

For easy determine you bungee launch position
not putting in to much or too less force/pull on the bungee

When weighing, the value of optional locking and unlocking function
The number is zero will automatically shut down.
Buzzer prompts sound.
Temperature test function (plus or minus 2 ° error).
Double precision specifications: 0-10kg: d = 5g; 10-50kg: d = 10g.
The different weighting range automatically change precision value.
Casual fashion, exquisite and high-end, easy to carry.
Also suitable for home shopping weighing, fishing weighing,
express weighing, gift sales weighing, export sales weighing, etc.

Product Parameters:
There are kg, jin, lb, oz, four-unit conversion.
Power suppy: 2 * AAA batteries

Package Included:
1 x Electronic Hook Scale


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