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Snelflight Quadpod racer (superfast)


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Snelflight QuadpoD RACER

Gleaming with chrome, aluminium and carbon fibre, the QuadPod quadcopter looks fabulous,
taking off with easy power and hovering effortlessly. At just 9" across (diagonal motor-to-motor),
it is small enough to fly indoors. Yet its four powerful brushless motors make it equally at home
out-of-doors, and the aircraft can carry a serious payload such as a camera, or a large battery
for flight times up to 20 minutes or more. The flight controls are smooth and responsive making
the QuadPod a pleasure to fly, and climbout performance is breathtaking at up
to 2,000 feet per minute!

The QuadPod quadcopter is supplied as an easy-to-assemble kit, needing about an hour to
build up the model, with no soldering or gluing.
Everything is included except for the lithium
polymer battery and the radio receiver.
Please see our SparParts page if you need to
purchase these items, we also have a growing range of accessories such as transmitters,
battery chargers and cameras.

The QuadPod is compatible with any receiver having 4 channels or more (preferably 5).
If you need to purchase a lithium polymer battery charger we can offer theIMAX chargers -
a powerful and extremely versatile unit.

Two independent, detailed build and flight logs have been posted on RC Groupshere andhere.

The QuadPod is not a toy. It is a powerful machine which is capable of causing serious
injury if it is not operated safely. The manual should be read carefully before the kit is
assembled and flown.

The standard QuadPod operates in "X" configuration. If you wish to fly in "+" orientation then
please select "elevon" mixing on your transmitter, once the aircraft has been assembled and
test flown according to the manual. Elevon mixing is available on the Spektrum DX5e which
we supply. Standard is the QuadPod programmed for X flight. The board can be programmed
for "+" flight. If you want this, please let us know. Delivery for + flight takes at least 1 week.


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