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Digi Control heat sealing iron


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172130 Digi Control heat sealing iron

itemnr: 172130

1. precise digital Temperature adjusting from 100 to 220°C or 212 to 428 (Fahrenheit).
2. The LCD-Display shows the exact temperature.
3. Celsius or Fahrenheit change.
4. extreme high thermostatic-precision-controll.
5. Perfect for every Heat shrinkfoil or gluefoil.
6. New iron for easy handling.
7. Teflon plated iron to prevent scratching.
8. Sicherheitsständer und Eisen-Socke enthalten.
9. Special Grip-Design out of thermoplastic Elastome gives a perfect grip. 
10. The iron shuts off automatically after 6 hours of use.

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