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REFILL - Quick fix liquid glue/plastic UV pen


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REFILL - Quick fix liquid glue/plastic UV pen

a liquid plastic sealing compound which solidifies upon exposure to UV-light,
which will allow the company claims in order to determine, filling, repair,
and connect almost all in around 5 seconds or less, including plastic, metal,
wood, glass, and much more.

Compared with other binders is this fast Fix claimed to position you
and move around until you are ready to permanently bond it. perfect to avoid
the sticky mess you normally have by moving 2 pieces around just in time
any ordinairy bond hardens. In addition, the liquid plastic resin will be transperant
once hardened, which can also be sanded and painted to unnoticeable repair.

pack contains: 1x REFILL cartridge for the original UV pen
(does not include the UV light!!)


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