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Aerosim FPV simulator

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FPV Simulation
First Person View: Much more than a point of view

FPV stands for "First Person View".AeroSIM-RC lets you experience the thrill
of flying a model airplane, helicopter or drone, through the video from a FPV
camera installed on your aircraft.
Even the OSD is simulated.


FPV Features:
Camera Pan & Tilt controlled from your transmitter
OSD (On Screen Display)
Create your own scenarios from a satellite image


Scenario Generator:
You can create a new Scenario in AeroSIM-RC from a satellite image of your flying site


OSD (On Screen Display):
Real OSD are emulated in AeroSIM-RC

OSD644DMD                       and                       IkarusOSD   

FPV Camera:
All aircraft in AeroSIM-RC are equipped with FPV camera
Some aircraft also have camera Gimbal stabilization


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