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TopFuel Power-X 5000-6S


Product Code: 85000661
Condition: New

Manufacturer: Hacker

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TopFuel Power-X 5000-6S

Our Topfuel series will be extended after the highly successful Eco-X battery to another division.
The Topfuel Power X LiPo batteries feature high-voltage capable and strong continuous at 35C.
These Topfuel Batteries sacrifice the brilliant price, a perfect performance and very long life.
The Power-X batteries are of course again feature our popular Voltage Indicator, the charge
state of the four colored LEDs indicating distinct touch of a button (where possible due to design).

Technical Data:
Type: LiPo Battery
C-Rate: 35C
Lenght [mm]: 142
Wide [mm]: 42
Height [mm]: 63
Weight [g]: 798
Connector [Main Wire]: EC5
Balancersystem: XH
Voltage Indicator: Yes


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