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TopFuel LiPo 20C-ECO-X 2400mAh 4S MTAG


Product Code: 92400431
Condition: New

Manufacturer: Hacker

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TopFuel LiPo 20C-ECO-X 2400mAh 4S MTAG

Product description and features:
In the meantime proven a thousand times the ECO-X cells are perfectly
balanced between ampacity, weight and durability

The battery is readymade soldered with the XT60 connector system
and is perfectly suitable for the rough everyday use.

It can be used in all aircraft or ship models as well as in the R / C car scene.

XT60 connector with gold contacts, suitable up to 60 amps permanent
currentXH balancer connector

Internal chip for battery telemetry:
Battery data such as type, number of cells, capacity, C-rate or battery ID are
stored on the passive MTAG chip. If desired * these values ​​can be read out
with an external NFC sensor such as the HACKER or JETI MTAG and be transferred
to the transmitter telemetry system.

The built-in MTAG chip also offers the possibility of manually or automatically counting
and storing the charging cycles. By using several identical batteries in serial or parallel operation,
so more effective active battery management is possible.

* Note: It is up to the user if he wants to use the MTAG function or not.
The TopFuel battery can be used without MTAG function like any ordinary battery.

Voltage Indicator technology:
The TopFuel battery is delivered with the proven Voltage Indicator technology.
At the press of a button, the battery charge status is displayed via four differently
colored LEDs. The Voltage Indicator helps you to assess the condition of your
battery at any time.

Optimized ex works:
The special manufacturing process, where the batteries are pressed during filling,
makes these cells up to 10 percent thinner and more robust than comparable cells with
the same capacity and ampacity.

Battery type LiPo
Ausführung 4S
Cells 4S
Nominal voltage [V] 14.8
Capacity [mAh] 2400
C rate 20C
Balancer connector XH

Dimensions and Weight
Length [mm] 109
Width [mm] 34
Height [mm] 28
Weight [g] 226


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