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Charge Marker Manual Battery Indicator


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Charge Marker Manual Battery Indicator

Introducing Charge Marker, the manual battery indicator.
Charge Marker is a quick, simple, visual gadget That Adheres permanently
to your rechargeable battery to help you keep track of its charge status - no
connections, no fuss!

Operation for Use:
Once your battery is charged simply slide the manual slider to green
to indicate That the battery is ready to use.
When you have your battery
Discharged slide the slider to red to indicate That it needs recharging.

It's really that simple!

Choose an appropriate location for the Charge Marker on the battery. *
Make Sure That the selected battery relatief surface is flat (it is not
recommendedto mount on Batteries That only have cylindrical form).
Ensure That the selected surface is clean i.e. free from dust, dirt and oils.
Remove the adhesive backing and apply to battery, pressing firmly
down and leave for one hour before use.

Height: 2.75mm
Width: 9.2mm
Length: 27.5mm
Mass: 0.35 grams

* Note: Charge Marker has a height of 2.75mm and shouldering be located in an area
that will not interfere with surrounding geometry When the battery is installed.


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