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Servo-Pulse-Booster (Amplifier)


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Manufacturer: Hacker

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Servo-Pulse-Booster (Amplifier)

Pulse amplifier with HF anti-noise filter for weak servo signals

Amplifies the servo pulse from e.g. 1.7V up to the usal 4.8-5.0V level
     Fits ideal for the Futaba FASST system (6014 receiver)
     Suitable for long servo feed lines when not using a DPSI RV system
     Ferrite rings are dispensable due to the high efficient HF suppression filter
     Supply voltage up to 8.4 volts
     Simply put in between receiver and servo as extension cable
     Usable without soldering
     JR / Uni connection cable (3 x 0.34qmm / AWG22 cross section)
with gold plated contacts

     Weight only 3 grams / 0.09 oz.

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