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LiFe-EC 2100mAh 4S TopFuel


Product Code: 52100451
Condition: New

Manufacturer: Hacker

Product Information

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LiFe-EC 2100mAh 4S TopFuel

This new TopFuel LiFe-EC battery series is ideal
for applicationsrequiring a very robust and
application-friendly cell.

The TopFuel LiFe-EC cells are built in a flat, LiPo-like
design and fit perfectly into almost any existing battery
Thanks to the very good properties, our
TopFuel LiFe-EC cells are not critical in deep discharges
or overloads like LiPo batteries.
In addition, well-maintained
TopFuel LiFe-EC batteries keep a lot of charging cycles.

NEW: Balancer connection according to system XH
and EC-3 plugging system to the main cables.

Technical Data:

Cell Type LiFe
Cell Count [S] 4
Capacity [mAh] 2100
Nominal Voltage [V] 13.2
Current duration / peak [A] 63/105
Weight 293g
Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm] 108 x 34 x 44


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