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MyFlyDream CrosshairAutoPilot


Product Code: MFDcrosshair
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Manufacturer: MyFlyDream

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Sonar module for Crosshair-AutolandingSonar module for Crosshair-Autolanding€12.40

MyFlyDream Crosshair AutoPilot

Advanced Features:
Full attitude AHRS, dual backed up gyroscope and accelerometer,
maximum rolling rate up to 2000°/s.

Built-in 30fps color video signal generator displaying OSD interface on black
background in case camera signal is lost or camera is not connected.

600 TV lines resolution color OSD with an easily readable flight interface
presenting the flight information both numerically and graphically.
Traditional black and white OSD interface can be restored through menu.

New cascade PID control algorithm directly controlling the attitude of
the aircraft, which results in faster response of the control surfaces,
higher stability of the aircraft and smoother attitude transitions.

Augmented reality display rendering 3D wireframe objects based on the
attitude and position of the aircraft to visually present imaginary information.
For example, the waypoint that the plane is currently approaching (or the relative
position and altitude of other aircrafts) can be visualized on the screen as a color
coded 3D model.

A more comprehensive support of MAVLink protocol allowing the user
to plan the route and set the waypoints with MFD ground station software as well
as use parameter reading/setting of Mission Planner app.

Precise flight capability for professional missions such as aerial survey, etc.
The flight route can be planned with the help of the ground station,
while the AP controls the camera shutter.

Compatible with both new and old versions of MFD AAT (Automatic Antenna Tracker).

All parameters can be edited, and waypoints can be set directly via OSD.

CAN-BUS supported. And TF card R/W supported (with an optional board)

MyFlyDream Crosshair Autopilot
GPS Module
Airspeed Sensor
Extension Harness
Current Sensor 50A(default)/100A(Optional)
USB-TTL Firmware Update Tool
IO Board
Cable for IO Board
5V/3A + 12V/3A BEC
TF-Card R/W module
IO Adapter
Cable for DataRadio


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