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PowerWingConnector for 4 Servos


Product Code: A85255
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Manufacturer: Hacker

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PWC4 PowerWingConnector for 4 Servos

Easy to handle plug system for wing wiring and up to 4 servos.

The PWC4 wing plug must be screwed between wing and fuselage.
On the pin strip inside the wing the servo cables can easily be
plugged and secured with the enclosed shrinking hose.

At the PWC4 fuselage socket's pin strip the patchcables
leading to the receiver can be connected. Also this plug connection
can be secured with the enclosed shrinking hose.

The PWC PowerWingConnector system's advantages:
    Reverse polarity protection
    Vibration safe connection because of locking
    Easy mounting due to packaging
    No soldering necessary
    Up to 11A permanent current

Delivery includes PWC4 wing plug, PWC4 fuselage socket
and 2 shrinking hoses.

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