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Servo-V-Limiter 5.2V & 5.9V 4W


Product Code: A18016
Condition: New

Manufacturer: Hacker

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Servo-V-Limiter 5.2V & 5.9V 4W

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Miniature voltage regulator for single servos

   Miniature voltage regulator for single servos
     Electronically 5.2V voltage regulator for sensitive servos
     Voltage corresponds to a 4-cell NiMH battery
     Ideal for digital tail rotor servos in helicopters
     Simply put in between receiver (or gyro) and servo as extension cable
     Integrated HF disturbance suppression (HF filter)
     Excellent voltage stability due to high-grade circuitry design and low drop out regulation
     Max. power dissipation 4W (approx 3.5A constant current at 5.9V input voltage - 10A peak current)
     Usable without soldering
     JR / Uni connection cable (3 x 0.34qmm / AWG22 cross section)
     Weight only 5.2 grams / 0.17 oz.

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