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Pixhawk Flight Controller With M8N GPS, Buzzer Combo


Product Code: RLPIXHAWK
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Manufacturer: RadioLink

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Pixhawk Flight Controller With M8N GPS, Buzzer Combo

Perfect combination of AT9 / AT10 and PIX.
Super-excellence for ground adjustable parameter.

The menu or AT9 / AT10 was customized settings for parameter settings or PIX,
one to one correspondence, even beginners can easily set!

Real-time displays attitude, exempt the security risks That Caused
by forgetting parameter settings.

Radio Link OSD telemetry module PRM-02 with combinations of AT9 / AT10 and PIX,
provides the real-time flight information or climbing speed, voltage, GPS information, YAW,
RSSI etc and keep track of the flight status.
Personal setting or low RSSI alarming.

Customized services, comprehensive technical support, Realize RTF (Read to Fly),
perfectly-experience PIX for powerful functions and flying fun.

Complete installation course, EXEMPTED the failure of ground station installation.
The original parameter setting or PIX with AT9 / AT10 if default for quadrocopter,
without Mission Planner installation and remote control setting-which simplify the
procedure to all-in-one unit and fully enjoy the fun of DIY.

All-round technical guidance for ESC and motor installation and calibration.
PIX, with the same components as 3DR and the newest circuit design,
more better design to Achieve More safer and quieter.

On the basis of 3DR PIX function, Radio Link overdeveloped optimized circuit design
and creative design automation software QA system-which help us to decrease the
production cost and guarantee the quality and the quantity of the product, after
Repeatedly over one year test, we achieved less interference
or internal components,
less noise,more accurate compass and safety while flying,
it has a humanized design with a right price.


Comprehensive Detection fine for every port or PIX, a new and better experience.
Each port of every PIX by automated software system comprehensive fine tested,
Avoiding wrong installation.
Never regret.

Easily control any airplanes, switch the Flight Mode as you like.
PIXHAWK - the real king of the open source flight controller made by radio link.
Helicopter, fixed wing, multi-rotor and RC car can be arbitrary collocation.
Supporting various flight modes-including Acro, Altitude Hold, Car, Circle,
Drift, Guided, PosHold, RTL, Stabilize, Country, Loiter, Sport,
Simple and Super Simple Modes.

32bit STM32F427 Cortex M4 core with FPU
168 MHz
256 KB RAM
Radio Link Pixhawk APM Flight Controller With M8N GPS Buzzer

ST Micro L3GD20H 16 bit gyroscope
ST Micro LSM303D 14 bit accelerometer / magnetometer
InvenSense MPU 6000 3-axis accelerometer / gyroscope
MEAS MS5611 barometer

M8N GPS Features:
1.Top Configuration
1) GPS decoder chip: Radio Link M8N GPS, with u-blox UBX-M8030 (M8),
72-channel, MMIC BGA715L7 from Infineon and 13 years of RF
experiences is much better than single GNSS 7N.
A.Concurrent reception or GPS / QZSS L1 C / A, L10F GLONASS, Beidou B1
2) Antenna: 2.5dbI high gain and selectivity ceramic antenna
3) Power amplify IC: MMIC BGA715L7 from Infineon
4) Filter: SAWF (surface acoustic wave filter) form Murata

5) Geomagnetic: HMC5983 from Honeywell

1) Positional Accuracy: 1m precision When working with competitor GNSS 2.5m
precision When working with single GNSS.

2) Velocity precision: 0.1m / s
3) Maximum height: 50000m
4) Max speed: 515m / s
5) Max acceleration: 4G
6) Max update rate: up to 18Hz
7) Sensitivity
Tracking & Nav .: -167dBm;Reacquisition: -163dBm;Cold start: -151dBm;Hot start: -159dBm.
8) Time to first fix: Cold start: 26s, Hot start: 1s.
9) Connect ports
Power supply: + 3.3VDC voltage -5% current 50 ~ 55mA
A.GPS UART interface, baud rate: 1.2k / 4.8k / 9.6k / 19.2K / 38.4K / 57.6K / 112.5K
B.Geomagnetic I2C interface

Package Included:
1x PIX Flight Board
1x Safety switch
1x Buzzer
1x TF card 8G
1x M8N GPS
1x Voltage Current Module


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