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Feiyu Tech FY-91Q complete Navigation system for multirotors


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Manufacturer: Feiyu Tech

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Feiyu Tech FY-91Q complete Navigation system
[FY-91Q + FY-GPS Compass]

FY91Q Navigation EditionContains the Following:
1 x FY91Q Flight Controller Module
1 x FY91Q GPS & Compass Module
6 x RC receiver connecting wires;
2 x Velcro double sided tape
1 x vibration absorbing soft pad
1 x vibration absorbing plastic mount;

Confirmed FY91Q capabilities:

1. 6 DOF Self-stabilization and mixing control
2. FY91Q Module for stabilization and mixing control for multi copters in Hexa
and Octo configuration.
3. Barometric Altitude Hold.
4. GPS Position Hold.
5. RTH.
6. OSD display of on board stabilization, and other parameters as per AP117.
7. FPV flight capable.
8. PID setting change via TTL-USB connection.
9. Firmware Com Port tested successfully.


32 bit microproccessor ARM7TDMI
The ARM7 TDMI 32-bit embedded RISC processor can be licensed as either a
fully synthesizable design or as a hard macrocell that has been optimized to
provide the best combination of performance, power and area characteristics
for a specific process geometry or fab. The ARM7TDMI processor enables system
designers to build embedded devices requiring small size,
low power
and high performance.

MEMS Sensors the superb technology in sensors
3-Axis MEMS Accelerometers
3-Axis MEMS Gyro

3-Axis Heading Hold Function for gyro sensors

IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) for Attitude Flight Stabilization with Kalman filter
1. Leveled Flight: (when you need it!) The FY-91Q will automatically level your aircraft.
If you are just learning to fly, this will help you gain experience, log more flying time
and increase your confidence. You can leave it ON from take off to landing, for a really
stress free flight!

2. Emergency Recovery: In case you lose orientation or you feel the Quad
copter is out of control, activate the FY-91Q and release the control sticks.
The FY-91Q will automatically bring the Quadkopter back to level flight.

3. Precision Flying: For experienced pilot FY-91Q will help you achieve more leveled and
precise flight paths, especially when flying and landing in strong wind.

GPS Receiver 10Hz and Barometric Sensor:
1. Fixed altitude flight - When this function is activated, the unit will maintain your
Quad altitude. You only need to input the right throttle level and point the
Quadcopter in the direction you want to go.

2. Return to Launch (RTL) – You can flip the designated RTL switch on your radio
and the Quad Flyer will return to the take-off point. RTL can also be programmed into
your Receiver fail safe so that the Quadkopter returns home if RC link is lost.

3. Fixed Position circling – by activating this function, the Quad X aircraft will automatically
circle the selected area at a fixed altitude. Very useful for aerial photography and video

FPV Function:
For long distance flying or FPV, the FY-91Q will take over the job of leveling and stabilizing
the Quadkopter for you. Just point the plane where you want to go and enjoy the view!


This product can give problems with certain type of low budget speed controllers
/ ESC. Turnigy Basic will not work!! If you have problems, please use different
speedcontrollers / ESC


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