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Feiyu Tech FY-DOS Inertial Attitude Stabilizer


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Feiyu Tech FY-DOS Inertial Attitude Stabilizer

DoS is an aero modeling balancing tool designed for a variety of platforms.
It is specially Aimed at beginners willing to Improve Their flying skills while enjoying flight
safety and ease of operation.

It Integrated 10 degrees of freedom sensor zoals three-axis digital accelerometer,
three-axis digital gyroscope, three-axis digital magnetometer, high-accuracy barometric.

It is more compact and higher stability.

Not only it boasts auto-flight stabilization feature and 3D flight mode, but Also acts
axis autopilot All which has the functions of auto return to home, fixed flight altitude
and heading lock as well as automated circling if connected with GPS module.

DoS could be connected to Hornet FY-OSD for FPV flight, data link and connected with
GCS used to achieve flight control and data monitor. Using DoS stabilizer, you can
improve your own flight level fast, enjoy your flight in the air with greatly reduced

Possibility of losing and crashing plane.

DoS work alone functions

   Deactivated Mode - In this mode, all control of the aircraft is by the pilot.
The DoS does not participate in flight control.
equivalent to ordinary RC Remote Control

Stabilized Mode - DoS can automatically keep the level flight attitude in any
weather condition.
This makes operating the aerobat become very simple and easy
for the beginner.
When the pilots feel the plane out of control as long as the flight
Stabilize throttle, loosen the operating sticks, it can automatically recover to
the state level.

3D Mode - Help Stabilize flight attitude, will try its best to keep loosen sticks flight
attitude, make the flight more smooth, easy to do all kinds of special action.

Fixed altitude flight and Heading lock mode - can lock the flight course and
maintain the flight height.
Loosen the operating stick, the plane can automatically
keep flight course, at the same time lock flying height, automatically correct flight
course deviation, easy to operate.

Auto Circling Mode - Plane will keep the current height, at a certainement turn
rate hovering flight (look up a counter clockwise circle), but it will not hover
around a fixed point, and may be away from the original hovering point
Because Of The

 DoS connect with GPS module functions

   Fixed Altitude And Heading Lock Flight Mode - Can lock the flight course
and maintain the flight height.
Loosen the operating sticks; plane can
automatically keep flight course, at the same time lock flying height, automatically
correct flight course deviation, and start straight line flight.
Easy to operate

Auto Return To Launch Fashion (RTH) - In the Auto Return To Launch Fashion,
aerobat will automatically return to the course reversal point, keeping the current height,
and it will hover after arriving the target point.

Auto Circling Mode - When activated in this mode, the plane will: immediately fly in
a circle (look up, clockwise hovering).
The center of the circle is the point or activation.
The plane will hover keeping the current height, hovering The radius can be set, and
the default circle radius is 80 meters.

GCS Software Operator - can set flight parameters, monitoring and recording flightpath
etc through the GCS software in the PC (This requires connecting the data radio).

    New function:

Flight Fencing - Can set distance when is in recerceicer remote control,
if your plane goes outside the fenced area then it will auto switch to GUIDED fashion,
and will fly back to a pre-defined return point and loiter there ready for you to take

on again.You then use a switch on your transmitter to take back control.

    More information please refer the manual DoS

  The latest firmware for multi-rotor flight system is V2.0 can Realize the Following functions:

Attitude Stabilized Mode - Dos car can Stabilize the aircraft flight attitude in this fashion,
pitch and roll stick center position for 0 ° attitude, its endpoint is 45 °, pitch and roll
stick can linear control the flight attitude, maximum angular velocity is 150
° / s.
Yaw stick in the center position will lock current course, its endpoint corresponding
thing maximum rotation rate 135 ° per second, linear yaw stick can control the
aircraft's rotation rate.
Throttle stick directly control aircraft climb and decline,
climbing and declining rate is directly related to the throttle.

Fixed Altitude Flight Mode - In this mode, pitch, roll, yaw control method is
the same axis Attitude Stabilized Mode.DOS can auto flight control altitude.
Climbing and descending rate is directly related to the throttle, When the throttle
stick is in the
center position, DOS auto locks the altitude, in maximum
Means climb rate is 3 m / s, at minimum Means decline rate is 1.5 m / s.
Throttle stick can linear control the aircraft's climb rate and decline.

        For more detail: FY-DoS for multi-rotors control manual

     (OPTIONAL)We recommed using evaporation suspending installation, use DoS
Especially vibration absor
bing mount All which product by Feiyu Tech.
DoS vibration absorbing mount

DoS can connect with the Hornet FY-OSD and the Data Radio
(not included!!)

     DoS has one UART interface for connecting the FY data radio and the OSD module.
It can Realize the following, functions by combing them.

First Person View (FPV) - Can be connected to the FY-OSD Hornet, the flight data stack to
output, and through the vodeo transmission system to send back, let you enjoy the fun of FPV.
And it will be easier to operate FPV with the functions of automatic balancing,
Fixed altitude flight and Heading Lock and Auto Return To Launch.

    Real-time telemetry - Real-time monitor the flying state, using the Data radio remote
to lengthen the distance, and you can change the flight height
and flight parameter through the Ground Control System (GCS).

     In the video can be Shown on the flight attitude, flight speed, position, altitude, flight time,
distance, working mode, the battery voltage, current, power consumption,
etc. More information please refer the Hornet FY OSD.

Monitoring flightpath through GCS software

    More information please refer GCS4.0


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