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MyFlyDream AirSpeed Sensor


Product Code: MyFlyDreamAirSpeedSensor
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Manufacturer: MyFlyDream

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MyFlyDream AirSpeed Sensor
(To be used with the MFD Autopilot !!)

Air speed indicator to measure the real true airspeed.
Airspeed and groundspeed are two different things. As long as you
have enough airspeed, your plane will fly. Even backwards when you
have strong winds. Groundspeeds or GPS speed is then negative..

This can be important when planning on long distance waypoint flights.
you can calculate windspeed and wind direction before flight and program
the waypoints or stearing path according to this. Agaist the wind always
uses more battery power then a backwind. in that case you fly fast
viewed from the ground but airspeed is very low. it might end up in a stall.

Now you always have true airspeed!

Please plug into AUX port of the AutoPilot.

weight: 50gr


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