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Nano cam 520TVL 0.008 Lux nightvision


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Nano cam 520TVL 0.008 Lux nightvision (2gram)

New version:  3.6v to 24v input!!

Detailed Product Description

1.  520 TVL mini cctv camera
2.  0.008lux for excellent night vision.
3.  90 degree no distortion lens
4.  Ultra small size.
5.  can be used at FPV.
6.  Both NTSC/PAL.
7.  Low illumination, high quality video record function
8.   Day & Night dual mode auto switch
9.   Low current and power consumption
10.    PAL:786(H)×576(V)


 Features & functions

 It’s an ultra small  high definition CCTV camera with excellent night vision.
Size is 10.5 x 10.5 x 19mm only, Weight is 1g! Very easy to install and conceal.
Minimum illumination is 0.008lux, which can view clearly in almost complete darkness.
90degree wide view angleprovides broad surveillance field.
Full TV system. Applicable worldwide.

Use for Home and Business Security, Shops, Pubs and Restaurants,
Building Sites, Warehouses, Boats, Marine Use, Sports use,
Wildlife, Farms, Stables and Kennels, Surveillance and Covert use,
Nursery and child care, on a Firearm / weapon.





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