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E-Store Zephyr GoPro Camera Box (for gp 2 & 3)


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E-Store Zephyr GoPro Camera Box
new version! Fits GoPro 2 and 3 models!

We designed a new camera box Which suits all GOPRO cams.
The box is available in a MONO and a DUO version. All current version GOPRO
and all available lens types fit into this box. You do not have to remove the camera
for charging, changing card. Charge-and video ports can be Reached without
modifications in the enclosure.
You can mount the GOPRO CAMERA BOX in the nose or your Zephyr wing or
on the gimbal of our multi rotor.

Before use you have to glue the GOPRO CAMERA BOX together with CA glue.
First click the enclosure together and drip than a small amount of CA in all corners.
Leave the enclosure for a while till the glue is fully hardened.
Then simply slide in your cam / cams.
A rubber band preventable That the camera falls out the GOPRO CAMERA BOX
when flying up side down.

The duo version is a very affordable stereo rig.
The lenses are spaced at the same distance as the human eye.
Because of this distance you have a very good 3D image.
Minimum distance to the closest object shouldering be 2meters or more.
On the GOPRO website you can download a free 3D software.
This 3D rig is compatible with all known 3D techniques zoals polarization,
glass shutter, anaglyph and others.

GOPRO 3 Adapter
For the GOPRO 3 you have to slide into an included adapter.
This Because The camera is smarter than the previous models.

Transparent Acrylic


Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

nice quality

I have seen various gopro cam boxes for the Zephyr II. Some made from thin wood, and some from flimsy corrugated plastic sheet. This one was the best one I've seen. So I ordered it from "E-Store". It is simple to put together. I used 5 min epoxy resin to glue it together and gorilla glue to stick it into the Zephyr II. It holds well and is very light and strong. Nice quality.

Patrick :: Aug 30 2012, 19:03 PM

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