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FOX / Partom 5.8Ghz Wireless AV Receiver


Product Code: FOXPartom58GhzWirelessAVReceiver
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Manufacturer: Partom

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FOX / Partom 5.8Ghz Wireless AV Receiver

Airwaves and LawMate compatible !!

Digital display, receive sensitive, many working channels, convenience,
credigility, suit for wireless surveillance projects.

ch1   5720
ch2   5740
ch3   5760
ch4   5780
ch5   5800
ch6   5820
ch7   5840
ch8   5860
ch9   5880

Compatible with IFtron, Fatshark, ImmersionRC and others

Working Voltage:     DC 12V
Transmitter Weight:    66g
Dimension(L*W*H):    70*37*18mm
Figure Color:    silver / green with fan
Package:    Rx+1 antenna and RCA cables
Operation Temperature:     -10 / +50



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