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Ritewing Drak


Product Code: Ritewing Drak
Condition: New

Manufacturer: RitewingRC

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RiteWingRC Drak (molded)
out of production at the moment!!

Building video:

The Drak is the first forward swept RC aircraft That combines extreme durability
with unmatched stability and energy efficient flight.

The Rite Wing Drak is a visually stunning and durable remote control (RC) airplane
design that's capable of extremely stable and energy efficient flight.

This aircraft was designed as a high performance platform for any use:
the typical RC enthusiast, first-person view (FPV), or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

When designing the Drak, we had one mission in mind: to give the average
person the ability to capture quality video and photographs or scientific data over
an extended geographical area from an unmanned aircraft.
The Rite Wing Drak
HAS sufficient is cargo space and weight bearing capacity to accommodate all of the
electronics and sensors That would be needed for any application.

Rite Wing Drak goes where quad-copters simply can not.The Drak can cruise
expansive areas over an extended period of time to capture video, still photography,
or other data with ease.
A quad copter simply can not match the distance and duration
parameters of the Drak's fixed wing platform.
The reason is simple: the fixed wing platform
actually flies through the air through the principles of lift from the shape of the wing.

This Allows the Drak to stay in the air with minimal power consumption.
A quad copter can only support its weight as long as It has power to its motors.

The Drak can enable anyone to capture amazing videos and photos from the sky.
It's never been Easier to capture spectacular aerial images on solid expanses
That providence a new perspective That leg had previously unseen.

    Innovative forward swept wing design to avoid low-speed storage
Rock solid stability in flight for optimum video and picture quality
Lightweight and durable air frame Manufactured from EPP (expanded polypropylene)
Proprietary bay system offers maximum payload capacity and adjustability for balancing
Extended flight times possible depending on configuration and flight habits
Easy to assemble kits, Almost Ready to Fly (ARF), or Ready to Fly (RTF) available
High quality materials and components
Upgradable and expandable
Dissembles into three main pieces for easy transport and storage
All parts are easily repairable or replaceable
Able to go where quad copters can not go
Easy to launch by hand

Innovative Design:
    Forward swept wing style tip to avoid stalling at low speeds
Rear mounted electric motor and propeller
No landing gear required
Built-in camera and gear mounts
Travel and storage case available

Easy to fly and simple to maintain:
No messy fuel
Uses high capacity LiPo battery packs
Pilot fromyour bestaande radio controller
Can be flown with any flight controller or autopilot
Control from any computer, tablet or game controller in Conjunction
with the flight controller you choose
Simple, quick, and inexpensive to maintain and repair
The cargo bays make balancing the aircraft a breeze

 Lightweight with maximum payload:
Flight and control is stable and accurate for optimal photographic results
Manufactured from durable EPP
Our bay system biedt the payload capacity for all gear and multiple cameras
Weighs in at around 6 pounds When ready to fly
Carries an action camera like the GoPro or Mobius with separate mounts

Advanced capabilities possible using a flight controller of your choice:
Auto take-off and landing
Integrated onboard autopilot flight planning
Set waypoints and fly using GPS satellite technology
Fly in aided mode
Return to home (RTH) capabilities
Load / Save and repeat / replay flight missions
Real-time flight data

Extended Flight Times:
    Wings designed to make extended flight times possible
Up to one hour flights (fully loaded with camera)

High quality materials and components:
    Professional grade build quality and workmanship
Extra durable and robust airframe
Carbon fiber and fiberglass sparring system
Highest quality components
Custom CNC aluminum engine mount system
Designed in the USA

Upgradable and Expandable:
    Add your choice of autopilot for ease of flight and controllability
Add real-time video transmission for FPV experience
Add FPV goggles or monitor for a full bird's eye immersive experience

Included in the kit:
    EPP wings and fuse set
2 - custom made Cf spars with Glass slip tube sockets
8-2 mm FG rods for fuse and wing sparring
2-4 mill coro verts
2-4 mill coro winglets
1-2 piece custom made CNC T6 aluminum motor mount with 440 screws and lock nuts
4 - aluminum hubs with black member nybolt thumb screws
2 - lengths of 2 mil coro for lids and saddle bay doors
8 - Delrin wing joiner with four clips with tension o rings
2 - 2''custom balsa elevons

Average flight expectations:
    Weight: 4lbs 5oz (FPV gear with no batteries)
Weight: 6lbs 5oz (with FPV gear & 10,400 mAh batteries 4S)
Range: 10 to 12 miles
Speed: 38mph - 80mph
Distance: 25 miles round trip

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