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180º Servo Expander


Product Code: 180º Servo Expander
Condition: New

Manufacturer: FlyTron

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180º Servo Expander

Standard RC receivers accepts only 1-2mS PPM signals and your servo
travels 90 degree only with this signal.

This small circuit expanding your servo travel 2 times for 180 degree pan tilt
applications, headtrackers or camera mounts.

30cm Servo cable with male and female connectors
expanding the servo signal for 0.5-2.5mS from 1-2mS

Servo resolution reduces 2 times when expanding and this may affects some servos
as visible steps on the movement. We are expanding the PPM signal only, your servo
must be support 180 degree travel for full range of expander.
We are suggesting analog servos for the usage. Because digital ones limitting
the input signal between 90-120 degree range.


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