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E-Store Powerswitch 9amp


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E-Store Powerswitch 9amp

This multi purpose RC POWER SWITCH 9AMP can be used for high current loads and camera’s.

Ideal for:
     Operating cameras (aerial photography)
     glow plugs
     switching lights

  How to use
First solder a servo wire to the 3 solder pads on the top left corner.
On top is ground, in the middle is signal and on the downside is the plus 5 volts.
On the right side you connect your load. When your body needs please remove the load resistor
on the right side down with 000 on top. Connect your battery on the soldering pads were
you removed the resistor.

Setting the switch point
The first time you have to tell the RC POWER SWITCH 9AMP on what point to switch. Make sure you connect the
  RC POWER SWITCH 9AMP to you receiver. On the left hand side of the print you will find a small screw.
With this screw you set the set point. You can Easily check this with a multimeter.
Check a few times before flight if the switch is working properly.
When this is not the case please adjust the screw till the unit works everytime you operate
it with your transmitter.

Max Switch ratings:
200 Volt 9Amp (please check heat! Heavy loads can be switched only for short periods of time!)

Every common pulse length and voltage from your receiver should work.



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