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I-ZO 5000volt Optically Isolated Servo Extension


Product Code: I-ZO 5000volt
Condition: New

Manufacturer: FlyTron

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I-ZO 5000volt Optically Isolated Servo Extension

Are you afraid of noises from giant electric motors or ignition systems?

Power line noises affects your receiver and this simple circuit resolving this
problem with optical isolation technology.

I-ZO isolates your ESC from receiver and you can use another battery for Receiver and
servos like Glow/Fuel engines. I-ZO converts your common ESC to Optical Isolated ESC

You can use it for isolating giant servos/ignition systems or similar parasitic rc devices.
Servo commands crosses between two sides without any electrical contact.

5000v optical isolation between sides
30cm cable length
4.5gr weight



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