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Dragonfly #60B with Aluminum flightcase 2,4Ghz


Product Code: Dragonfly60B24Ghz
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Manufacturer: Walkera

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Dragonfly #60B 2,4Ghz

 1). Main Rotor Diameter.: 630 mm
2). Tail Rotor Diameter.: 145 mm
3). Aluminum main rotor head
4). Aluminum tail rotor
5). Overall Length: 600 mm

6). Weight: 570-620g (Battery included)
7). Speed Controller: WK-B30A
8). motor:wk-ws-026-01 Brushless outherrun motor
9). Battery: 11.1V 1500mAh Li-Po
10).Receiver: RX-701
11).Transmitter: WK-2601 2,4Ghz
12).Gyro: WK-G011
13).Servo: weight 8.5g ; speed 0.11sec/60o(4.8V);
torque 0.9kg/cm(4.8V); dimension 22.5X11.5X24mm

14).Rudder Servo: weight 6.4g ;speed 0.09sec/60o(4.8V) ;
torque 0.6kg/cm (4.8V); dimension 21.5X11.8X21.7mm
15). Total aluminum frame
(16) Lipo cell balancing charger

Aluminum case with lock
Glasfiber rotorblades

1). PCM mixing control system and collective pitch control systems
make perfect 3D maneuvers such as rolls, inverted, and swoop flights.
2). The metal rotor head, metal swashplate and metal tail servo are
innovative, built with precision and provide outstanding stability.
  The auto rotation landing system, made of high quality one-way
bearings, minimizes damage to your helicopter during unplanned landing.
3). A highly efficient wheel design is used to improve the mesh between
main gear and motor gear.
4). The model 60#se series tail blades are driven by belt to provide easy
adjustment, stable flight, and low noise.
5). wk-ws-026-01 Brushless outherrun motor motor as the main
power is powerful and makes the flight much stable.
6). Outer-rotor motor as the main power is powerful and makes
the flight much stable of the 60#se.
8). 7-ch transmitter PCM WK-0701 with adjustable PIT parameter,
throttle curve, and servo exponential function.

For beginners we always recommend our Esky Flightsimulatoer
check the
accessories and more section

This is a perfect model for advanced and experienced flyers.
The helicopter has the latest electronics so it is prepared for
an easy and stable flight! The metal rotor heads will make the
helicopter a very fast to respond, and very precise to control!
  The Helicopter also has a very powerfull outherrun motor which uses
less energy from the battery but still delivers great power, the
helicopter can easy fly in windy conditions

The Walkera dragonfly #60se 3D Helicopter 7 channel realCollective
Pitch 3D aerobatics helicopter is based is an evolution from the
popular #36 models!
  An electrical poweredhelicopter that performs
better then most of the bigger different models!
The helicopter is
controlled by collective pitch and Bell/Hiller rotor mixer link.
The gyro sensitivity, motor power and rotor pitch,
can be adjusted from the transmitter!

The tail is been driven by a plastic belt, directly from the main motor!
This means, NO more burning tail motors like many tail motor driven heli's!

De #60se has a single stage gearbox and auto rotation!
 The 3D switch makes 3D flight and aerobatics possible

Flight time with a fully charged battery will be 15 till 20 minutes!

This model also suits perfect for indoor flying!

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.3


Really high-quality aluminum, only initially to insert FMA Direct (CO PILOT)

Raimund :: Dec 30 2013, 23:09 pm

vliegen 60B

het gaat super met de 60B! het hoveren gaat perfect nu en heb niets gesloopt! volgende stap is nu 180 graden draaien en naar je toe vliegen. maar dan zijn de controls andersom!!!! dan kunnen we een keer beginnen aan rondjes vliegen. ik vind overgens de orginele accu beter (1500) dan de tweede 2500. ik denk dat hij lichter is. bedankt leo!

jeroen de groot :: Feb 25 2010, 10:17 am

flying 60b

na een hoop problemen gaat het nu toch echt goed komen met mijn 60B ik kan nu achter elkaar 2 accu's van 1500 en 2500 opvliegen zonder ergernis. de heli luisterd goed naar de controls en kan hem ook alleen met de trim (linksom/rechtsom draaien) vliegen.ik weet niet wat ik meemaak! het is een genot om nu zo bezig te zijn! hij zit bij mij nog aan een stalen plaat met elastiek ,zo kan ik in de avond in de schuur oefenen zonder weer resreveonderdelen te hoeven kopen. bedankt Leo!

jeroen :: Dec 03 2009, 19:54 pm

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