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A20-6 XL EVO kv2500 + 4,4:1


Product Code: 97800029
Condition: New

Manufacturer: Hacker

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A20-6 XL EVO kv2500 + 4,4:1

Product description and features

The 8, 10 and 14-pole outrunner motors of the A20 series are available in 4 lengths (S, M, L, XL), with a voltage range of 7.2V to 12.6V. As a result, they cover a wide range of applications from the 250g indoor model up to the 1.5kg electric glider. The A20 series has double ball bearings, has a replaceable 3mm shaft and can be mounted both in front of and behind the head frame/engine mount.

The 10 pole outrunner motors with gearbox are very popular in F3J models and gliders up to 1.5 kg.

The maximum screw-in depth of the fixing screws is 4.5mm


You will find the appropriate controller, batteries and a suitable propeller in the accessories tab.

Scope of delivery

1x A20-6 XL EVO kv2500 + 4,4:1, accessories for front and backmount, prop driver and instructions.

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A20-6 XL EVO kv2500 + 4,4:1
Item no.: 97800029
PropellerACC 16x8ACC 13x8
Voltage [V]11,014,4
Current [A]3436
Power [W]374518
Controller [A]40-5040-50
Timing [°]10-1510-15


Power range [W]max. 400 (15 sec., typischer F5J Steigflug)
Idle current (I0) at 8.4V [A]3,4
Internal resistance (Ri) [Ohm]0,020
Gear reducing4,4:1
Recommended timing [°]15 - 20
Recommended timing [kHz]8
Controller recommendation55A Brushless
Leerlaufdrehzahl pro Volt (kv) ohne Getriebe2500
Dimensions and weight
Weight [g]130
Length [mm]/[in]65
Outer diameter [mm]/[in]28
Shaft diameter [mm]/[in]4
Delivery contents
Mounting crossNein
Gold plug mm (soldered)3,5
Backmount mountableNein
Front mountableJa



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