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A50-12 L-Glider


Product Code: 97826833
Condition: New

Manufacturer: Hacker

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A50-12 L-Glider

- The unobtrusive nose drive for tall ship models to ~ 14 kg
- Easily movable shaft. The model can be converted back to the sailors in the shortest time.
E-flight and glider towing possible alternates.
- Is based on the 1000 fold proven Hacker A50-12L
- Long free shaft with a diameter of 6mm, support bearings already incl.
- Ideal as a nasal actuator for tall ships (as Ventus 2CX, 6m span, 11.5kg to 15kg)
- With, for example, 6S 5000mAh TopFuel ECO-X and Prop 18,5x10 (about 60A)
- With, for example, 8S 3800mAh TopFuel ECO-X and Prop 14x10 (about 55A)

Power range: max. 1650W (15 sec.)
No-load current at 8.4V: 1.5A
Internal resistance: 0,021 Ohm
Idle speed per volt: 355 U / min-1
Weight: 503g
Contacts 14
Regulators Recommendation: 70A Brushless
Rec. Timing: 20 ° - 25 °
Shaft diameter output: 6 mm
free wavelength: 23mm

Dimensions: see drawing



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