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B40-8L Comp + 6,7:1 Kv 3470


Product Code: 10090904
Condition: New

Manufacturer: Hacker

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B40-8L Competition + 6,7:1 Kv 3470
recommended Model types: F3B,F3J, F5J, F3F light weight thermal gliders upto 4m and ~3,5kg at 3 to 4S LiPo
The integrated high-performance fan cools the B40 competition motors in the most effective way. The running noise is also reduced to a minimum with asymmetrically positioned air outlet holes. The outer housing design with milled cooling grooves offers perfect heat radiation with the lowest possible weight.

The B40 competition motors are equipped with segmented high-performance rotors made from optimized magnetic material.

The B40-Competition is equipped with larger ball bearings than its predecessor Hacker B40. This significantly reduces friction and optimizes service life. In addition, a stronger, internal shaft with a diameter of 5mm prevents vibrations at extreme speeds. The front and rear end shields are screwed together. The shaft is equipped with an integrated pinion. The increased power output of the B40 competition motors is guaranteed by a high-performance gearbox with a 6mm shaft.


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