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A30-12 L-LN V4 kv1000


Product Code: 10109252
Condition: New

Manufacturer: Hacker

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A30-12 L-LN V4 kv1000

Product description and features

The A30-LN series has been specially developed for glider models with narrow fuselages. Since the fuselage becomes significantly thicker a few centimeters after the motor frame, a compact high-torque outrunner can be used in direct drive. Due to the high efficiency and the built-in fan, the motor remains cool for a long time even in narrow, poorly ventilated hulls.

This weight-optimized high-end engine with a weight of only 159g is often used in glider models up to 2.5kg. Of course, the A30-12 L-LN V4 kv1000 also fits perfectly in motor and sports aircraft up to approx. 1.4Kg take-off weight when it gets tight under the cowling.


The suitable controllers, batteries and a suitable propeller can be found in the Accessories tab.

Scope of delivery

1x A30-12 L-LN V4 kv1000 and manual.

Drive recommendation

A30-12 L-LN V4 kv1000
Artikel-Nr.: 10109252
PropellerAPC 12x6ACC 12x8
Voltage [V]11,111,1
Current [A]4749
Power [W]523559
Controller [A]55-7060-70
Timing [°]20-2520-25
Power range [W]500
Idle current (I0) at 8.4V [A]1,8
Internal resistance (Ri) [Ohm]0,03
Recommended timing [°]20 - 25
Recommended timing [kHz]8
Controller recommendation45 - 55
Idle speed per volt (kv)1000
Dimensions and weight
Weight [g]159
Length [mm]/[in]49
Outer diameter [mm]/[in]37,2
Shaft diameter [mm]/[in]5
Delivery contents
Mounting crossNein
Gold plug mm (soldered)3,5
Backmount mountableNein
Front mountableJa



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