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E40-XS 2,5D +6,7:1 Kv 3950


Product Code: 10109167
Condition: New

Manufacturer: Hacker

Product Information

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E40-XS 2,5D +6,71 Kv 3950

Product description and features

Compact, light and powerful, this modern gear drive is perfect for F3F/F3J and F5J models, for applications with 3S to 4S LiPo batteries and up to 5 kilograms take-off weight.

Driven by our Hacker Motor E40-XS 2,5D, the 6.7:1 gear drive achieves a high level of efficiency while remaining absolutely cool thanks to the integrated fan.


Ready-to-install complete system

The electric motor and gearbox are delivered ready to install. The complete drive system is assembled, tuned and tested before delivery.



You can find suitable controllers, batteries and a suitable air screw in the Accessories tab.


Scope of delivery

E40-XS 2,5D +6,71 Kv 3950 Gear Drive (consists of E40-XS 2,5D and Hacker Gear 6.7:1) and Instructions.


Drive recommendation

E40-XS 2,5D +6,7:1 Kv 3950
item no.: 10109167
PropellerACC 14x8ACC 15x10ACC 15x10/td>ACC-Z 16x10ACC-Z 16x10ACC 17x9ACC 17x9
Voltage [V]14,811,114,811,114,811,114,8
Current [A]52396349775280
Power [W]77043393254411405771184
Controller [A]55-7555-7565-8555-7580-9055-7580-90
Timing [°]10-1510-1510-1510-1510-1510-1510-15


Power range [W]1100
Idle current (I0) at 8.4V [A]2,6
Internal resistance (Ri) [Ohm]0,012
Gear reducing6.7:1
RPM max.10000
Recommended timing [°]10-15
Controller recommendation50-80A
Idle speed per volt (kv)3950
Dimensions and weight
Weight [g]176
Length [mm]/[in]75,1
Diameter [mm]/[in]25
Outer diameter [mm]/[in]29
Shaft diameter [mm]/[in]6
Delivery contents
Mounting crossno
Gold plug mm (soldered)no
Gold plug mm (recommended)3,5
Backmount mountableno
Front mountableyes



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