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E40-XS 2D +6,7:1 Kv 4700


Product Code: 10108993
Condition: New

Manufacturer: Hacker

Product Information

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E40-XS 2D +6,7:1 Kv 4700


Product description and features

Compact, light and powerful, this modern gear drive is perfect for F3F/F3J and F5J models, for applications with 3S to 4S LiPo batteries and up to 5 kilograms take-off weight.

Driven by our Hacker Motor E40-XS 2D, the 6.7:1 gear drive achieves a high level of efficiency while remaining absolutely cool thanks to the integrated fan.

Ready-to-install complete system

The electric motor and gearbox are delivered ready to install. The complete drive system is assembled, tuned and tested before delivery.



AirscrewDrive BatteryVoltage [V]Current [A]Speed [RPM]Power [W]
Aeronaut CC 14x84s14,8669240977
Aeronaut CC 16x83s11,1566850622
Aeronaut CC 15x83s11,1417200455
Aeronaut CC 15x84s14,8659410962
Aeronaut CC 15x103s11,1536850588



You can find suitable controllers, batteries and a suitable air screw in the Accessories tab.


Scope of delivery

E40-XS 2D +6,7:1 Kv 4700 Gear Drive (consists of E40-XS 2D and Hacker Gear 6.7:1) and Instructions.



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