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C54-3D XL Acro 6.7:1 Competition Kv 1310


Product Code: 38798711
Condition: New

Manufacturer: Hacker

Product Information

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Inrunner C54-3D XL Acro 6.7:1 Competition Kv 1310


Product description and features

Compact 4 pole inrunner motor with 6.7:1 reducting gear and 8 millimeter shaft and propeller adapter.


Delivery contents

Inrunner with reducting gear, propeller adapter kit, GRP spacer ring, special drive grease and mounting and operating manual.

Product data
Turns3 D
Idle current (I0) at 37V [A]3,3A
Internal resistance (Ri) [Ohm]0,012
Gear reducing6,7:1
Output shaft8mm mit M8x1 Gewinde
Recommended timing [°]5-10
Recommended timing [kHz]8
Controller recommendation90
Leerlaufdrehzahl pro Volt (kv) ohne Getriebe1310
Dimensions and weight
Weight [g]520
Outer diameter [mm]/[in]46
Shaft diameter [mm]/[in]8
Delivery contents
Mounting crossNein
Gold plug mm (soldered)4
Backmount mountableNein
Front mountableJa



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