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KingStar 260 kit


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KingStar 260 kit

 Beautifull and yet simple design, attractive in price, appealing look.
This is the KINGSTAR 260. This set-including two frame kits,
Green and Red, together with Leds

1. Polyamide + fiber material, multicolor, strong, light-weight frame.
2. Standard camera holders, the vertical angle is adjustable.
3. Anti-vibration holders for MOBIUS type camera.
4. Power distribution board with gold PCB made from 1oz copper thickness.
5. High brightness multicolor LED rear lamp with shade housing

Package included:
     2 x Frame set
     10 x pairs of propeller 6040
     2 x High brightness LED
     1 x Receiver antenna mount

     Frame distance- 260mm
     Frame weight 138g

  Recommended Configuration:
     FC: CC3D NASE32 QQ etc ..
     ENGINE: 2204-2206
     ESC: 10-20A with BLHeli or SimonK firmware.
     PROPELLER: 6 "
     BATTERY: 1300-2200MHA 11.1V




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