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Q60-7M F3A


Product Code: Q60WX5O131
Condition: New

Manufacturer: Hacker

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Q60-7M F3A

The Q60 outrunner is a brand new, innovative high-end brushless engine for F3A
competition purpuses. The Hacker R & D department designed this outstanding
engine for professional pilots with ultimate perfection.

This motor is the best choice for everybody, who likes to fly maximum power,
best performance and great reliability. Every Q60 engine is made by hand,
assembled and completely checked at Hacker Company Germany.
Shipping information:

Powerange max. 2800W (15 sec.)
Idle Current @ 8.4V 1.8A
Resistance (Ri) 0.025 Ohm
RPM / Volt (kv) 210 U / min-1
Weight 520g
Diameter 59 mm
Length 72 mm
Recom. Speedcontroler MasterSpin 99
Recom. Timing 30 °
Switching Frequenzy 16kHz



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