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RCL5090 Remote Power Switch


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RCL5090 Remote Power Switch

Turn power on/off to any on-board device using any available channel on the RX & TX (receiver & transmitter).

Use any available 2-position switch on the TX and plug a Remote Power Switch into the
corresponding channel on the RX. Power is supplied through the RX and switched
through the TX


Switch turns on at mid-stick (50% throw).  Non-Adjustable.

DIP Switches - enable or disable these features
AUTO-OFF: All power to the output is switched off any time a bad signal is received, or the TX is turned off
REVERSIBLE: Changes which position of the TX stick is ON

Use the 3 wire power plug with a LED controller for constant power to Bank #1 and switched power to Bank #2.


Use the 2P connector housings to turn 3 wire power plug into standard 2 wire plug
for standard +/- switching (LEDs are all in the same Bank).

Discard 3 wire power plug or save for future use if using with a RX Direct2LED™.

Bundled with this complete system: #5412-E


Instruction Set
(1) remote power switch
(1) 1-Channel RX plug
 (2) 2P connector housings
(2) zip ties & bases

CURRENT DRAW (@6V): 1mA (10mA when output is switched on)

Every RC-LIGHTS LED is guaranteed against manufacturer defect for
the lifetime of the LED (10 TEN Years). All system components are guaranteed
against manufacturer defect for 2 TWO Years after the original date of purchase.
 Should your LED ever not light contact us immediately and a replacement will be sent
right away. Warranty does not cover damage due to powering the LED beyond
specified ratings. Warranty does not cover damage due to an incorrect installation.
Warranty does not cover normal wear, abuse, neglect, or any damage arising as
a result of improper use or modification.



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