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STROBON V2 Navigation Strobe


Product Code: STROBON V2
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Manufacturer: FlyTron

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Strobon v2 Polycarbonate LensStrobon v2 Polycarbonate Lens€1.02

STROBON V2 Navigation Strobe

STROBON Lights are the most powerful navigation lights on the model market for years.

Now, it's configurable for five different patterns!

Strobe (Legendary Strobon v1 strobe effect.3 fast flashes like xenon wing tip flashlights)
Blink (Simulates belly or taillights.Continuous ON / OFF)
Heartbeat (standard beacon light pattern, ramp up / ramp down / off)
Rotating Beacon (perfect simulation or rolling beacons.
ramp up / flash / ramp down / off)
Static (you can use it as landing headlightsor static wing-tip lights)

It allows two different working modes;

RC Controlled Mode:
Plug it on your RC receiver's
channel for any RC mode, then you can enable / disable it on selected servo channel.
Each Strobon counts the servo signals. So, you can plug more than one Strobon to the
same RC channel to synchronize them. (check the schematic below)

Standalone Mode:
Power it with directly from the battery (3.5-6v) it works on standalone mode and
works continuously.


    Supply Voltage: 3.5 - 6 volt
     Current Consumption per hour @ 5V
     Strobe: 60mA (1A When flashing)
     Blink: 70mA (150mA ON)
     Heartbeat: 120mA
     Rolling Beacon: 170mA (1A When flashing)
     Static: 140mA
     Diameter: 21.5mm
     Height: 6mm
     Screw Holes: 1.5mm diameter and 18mm distance
     Weight: 1.50 grams without wires
     Wire Length: 30cm (only for "with wire" option)


watch the video here!

All you need a piece of wire or a tweezer to change the pattern.
Connect two small pads of the Strobon v2 board while it's working
(it will not change the pattern when it's OFF)
It will stop working When you connect thesis pin and jump to next pattern
When you release the connection.That's all.




Watch customer video here!



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