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Aerosim Kopter training

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Drone Simulation, Serious Training
AeroSIMRC is a realistic Drone Simulator for the beginner pilot
who needs to practice many hours before flying the real thing.


Advanced Features:
Training Program for the beginner
Flight Modes: Manual, Attitude, GPS
On-board Camera
Stabilized Camera Gimbal

   Mikrokopter drones in AeroSIM-RC


Flight Modes and Functions:

Manual mode for aerobatics
Attitde mode (Autolevel mode)
GPS position hold
Altimeter for keeping constant altitude
Camera Gimbal stabilization
Care Free mode (Mikrokopter) / Course Lock mode (DJI)
LED lights

Manual Attitude GPS Hold Position Altitude hold Camera gimbal stabilization
Care Free mode (Mikrokopter) Course lock mode (DJI) LED


Camera Gimbal

Pan & Tilt controlled from the transmitter
Gimbal auto stabilization
Picture-in-Picture for camera view

Okto with camera gimbal and LEDs in Stadium


Training Program:
Based on the recommendations from experienced instructors and Certification exams
No repair time nor costs involved
No stress nor worries

            Altitude control familiarisation           Nose-in hovering is very important to master

Hovering inside the moving circle                          Landing inside the circle       

Forward Flight requires to master the multirotor at any heading

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