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EAGLE TREE Guardian Stabilization Expander


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EAGLE TREE  Guardian Stabilization Expander
for osd-Pro

Feather-light and about the size of a postage stamp, the inertial sensor based Guardian

stabilization expander provides world class stabilization to your fixed wing or elevon model airplane.
It’s a “Guardian Eagle” for your model! 

To stabilize your model, just mount the Guardian in a level orientation,
plug it into your
OSD Pro, do some minimal setup, and away you go. 

Stabilization gain can be controlled via an extra knob on your radio
(via the OSD Pro’s Aux2 port), so you can tune or turn off stabilization as you fly! 

The Guardian also provides an Artificial Horizon Indicator (AHI) on your OSD Pro screen,
and supports both standard and elevon fixed wing models. 

The Guardian is the lowest cost inertial stabilization module available, but performance and upgradability
are not compromised. The Guardian supports internet firmware update,
so new enhancements and features are just a download away.



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