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MyFlyDream Telefly Pro


Product Code: MFD-Telefly
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Manufacturer: MyFlyDream

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MyFlyDream Telefly Pro

TeleFlyPro Works with AATDriver V5. (Not compatible with AATDriver V4).

TeleFlyPro supports VBI downlink. With the VBI downlink AAT Reduces latency tracking
and Become more reliabile. It ook uses a barometer INSTEAD OF GPS to measure the
altitude. So AAT will track better in tile angle.

The TeleFlyOSDpro replaces the TeleFlyLite (Discontinued).
It has the same basic function as the old TeleFlyLite.
It works as an audio modem but adds a simple OSD feature for
FREE since it is the same price as the old TeleFlyLite

OSD Features are:
Flying Time
Virtual compass
  GPS status
Battery voltage (with extension board)
current amperage (with extension board)
Home Arrow
Distance to Home

For some of these features you will need the TeleFlyOSD-Extension Board.
Buy spares if you like to have all your planes ready for tracking at any time.

Input Power:  7-13V (if you are powering your GPS through the TeleFlyLite,
be sure that it needs less than 50mA or supply a lower voltage than 12V,
if you are using an OSD i suggest powering the GPS through that)


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